Aditya E.M School


From starting a small mathematics coaching center in 1985 to establishing a monolith and dynamic academic institution, Adithya Public E.M School has come a long way in pioneering what is today the Adithya E.M School, known best for its exceptional quality and holistic development. Hailing from the West Godavari District of Kamavarapu in Andhra Pradesh, X.XXXX is a post-graduate in Social studies from X..xxxxxx, Andhra University, who began his career with a humble vision to train young minds towards discernable achievements in Social studies. As favorable results showed persistently, the scope of his vision expanded in multitudinous folds, contributing ever since to the growth of his academic side.

Aditya E.M, School Kidz:
Aditya E.M. School, Kamavarapukota, offers unparalleled quality holistic education in the field of Pre-primary. Aditya E.M, School the land of exploring tender minds. Our objective is to nurture the child into an individual possessing highly developed intellectual, physical, and social skills. We aim at setting qualitative standards in education which will ensure that all students experience a seamless transition globally.

The success of ‘Aditya E.M. School’ briefly lies in the four pillars-common schedules, and common teaching, we strive at synthesizing traditional values with a futuristic approach. We make tender minds prepared to transform into the best citizens. We make learning a mode of enjoyment for little ones and a mode of learning for teachers.


The Adithya Public E.M School is committed to In Lay a strong foundation through quality early childhood education. Encourage children to inculcate a habit of earning and be lifelong learners.


The Adithya Public E.M School is committed to In Lay a strong foundation through quality early childhood education. Encourage children to inculcate a habit of earning and be lifelong learners.

Aim & Objectives:

The Adithya Public E.M School is committed to being holistic development of the child. To impact social, cultural, and child-centric education to inspire and empower children to think Independently.

Career-Oriented Coaching Right from Schooling:

Aditya E.M. School offers a strong foundation and promises the best subject Knowledge enhancement with different methodologies of foundation &implementation for all the Medical & Engineering streams related to Competitive courses & entrance examinations.


Aditya E.M. School gives the National edge to every student through state syllabus:

skills like Communication & Interpersonal skills
Decision-making and critical thinking.
Leadership qualities.
Language empowerment

Aditya Primary champs: The Primary Edu of Fun for I to V Classes:

The best primary school in Kamavarapukota, Aditya E.M.School Champs offers Smart and exceptional quality education aiming to nurture higher-order thinking skills through holistic development for children from ages 6 to 12. Established in 2016 it is the primary school of Aditya E.M.School with numerous students enrolled in the State Syllabus curriculum in Kamavarapukota. In guiding young minds to tread the path of curiosity, psychosocial, and communication skills in your child. It helps them secure Strong Metacognition which we believe channels their impulse towards awaiting adolescence effectively for Schooling and Comparative success. Aditya Primary champs is a platform for the youngest learners to blossom with flying colors in chosen areas of excellence concerning the community.


Our Values, Your Accomplishments::

A platform for the young buddies to blossom tomorrow with flying colors of achievement in all the chosen areas of excellence with respect to the community. We help Aditya Primary champs nurture and evolve into open-minded, ethical, and caring individuals.

Aditya Primary champs curriculum is designed to tender quality education to accomplish holistic development to empower excellence in academics and make Aditya Primary champs the successful individuals of tomorrow. Our curriculum begins with a vision of graduating the kids with a proper plan and designed structure that aims at making the Aditya Primary champs pedagogy. Teachers/Faculty, curriculum Contents, smart activities, and assessments to transform them into Aditya Primary champs.