Sri Sai Vidya E.M. High School

WELCOME to Sri Sai Vidya School

Sri Sai Vidya E.M School is an educational institute in Tadikalapudi, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Sri Sai Vidya E.M School started in 19xx with a Primary School in Tadikalapudi. A High School was opened later in 19xx.

Sri Sai Vidya E.M School was opened inTadikalapudi, Eluru. It is also known as the Landmark of Tadikalapudi in the West Godavari district.

The world today is a global village and people are its citizens. As boundaries of location, people and time cease to exist, it is of utmost importance that we move with the times. At Sri Sai Vidya, we have created a unique blend of world-class curricula, contemporary teaching methodologies, and equal focus on intellectual, physical, and personality development, resulting in future leaders who are ready to take on the world. Today, we stand as the force behind creating countless world-class doctors, engineers, IAS officers, chartered accountants, Bank employees, Teachers, lecturers, Farmers, scientists and so much more…..

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Sai Vidya E.M School launched its Online Classes Learn from Home. The Program provides educational content for classes 1 to 10.


Our management’s futuristic vision, determination,
and leadership has enabled them to set new benchmarks, ultimately resulting in a world-class education system. Taking our founders’ vision further, our team of young, dynamic, determined leaders continues to groom our community of global learners, through methodologies that are an extraordinary blend of conventional and contemporary.


Sri Sai Vidya E.M School lets you work in a multicultural environment with a wide range of highly qualified and experienced colleagues. The wealth of knowledge and information gained here will help your career immensely. And that’s not all, opportunities for new experiences abound because of the diverse and challenging nature of work.


Every child is a gift of God. As such, it’s the responsibility of everyone to treat them with love and care. Sri Chaitanya believes in the same and follows the Star Kids ideology for its pre-primary wing.


Studies have shown that the maximum brain development of a child happens in its formative years. The Star Kids approach ensures all aspects of your child’s growth is taken care of with warmth and affection. In an increasingly competitive world, it pays to have even a slight advantage. To cater to this need, we’ve adopted an approach that stimulates the power of thinking and assimilation. The students in response feel enthusiastic about learning and as a consequence move ahead toward success.


Our curriculum is designed to focus on language development, math skills, knowledge and humanities, general awareness, creative arts and crafts, and music helping each child develop a polished personality at a tender age.


.Providing the right start for emotional and educational growth
.Developing interpersonal skills
.Generating and keeping alive curiosity, an essential ingredient for learning
.Developing a healthy attitude, social awareness, and etiquette
.Initiation of globally accepted learning methodologies

V King’s Chess Academy and Sri Sai Vidya E.M School have announced a collaboration to introduce Chess Games to kids for Mind Dolepement and Stress-free Program preparation. The Collaboration will enable the students to learn from each other and get access to With decades of experience teaching chess. V King’s Chess Academy is dedicated to making the game of chess more rewarding and accessible for our partners and students through classes and certified training that encourages them to enjoy the game to the very fullest. We provide learning modules, curated material content, and study material on V King’s Chess Academy according.

Sri Sai Vidya School held an inter-school chess championship, on 02-11-2022, on the Occasion of children’s day.
Director Mrs. Boyapati Lakshmi, Presented prizes, trophies, medals, and certificates to the top 4 winners in both juniors and seniors sections.
H.M Sir, and chess Coach Mr. Kiran kumar Paluri, Presented certificates to the winners of the junior.
H.M Sir, and chess Coach Mr. Kiran kumar Paluri, Presented certificates to the winners of the junior.