Successful Completion of V King’s Chess Academy’s 4st Summer Chess Camp 2024 at Indian Schools Jangareddygudem by this day 31st May.*

V King’s Chess Academy proudly announces the successful completion of its inaugural Summer Chess Camp 2024 held in Jangareddygudem. The camp took place from May 1 to May 31 at the Indian Schools, Chandramahal, Jangareddygudem, and saw an enthusiastic participation of 28 budding chess players.

*Event Details:*
– *Venue:* Indian Schools, Chandramahal, Jangareddygudem
– *Duration:* May 1, 2024 – May 31, 2024
– *Number of Participants:* 28
– *CHESS In School Trainers:* S. Syamala and Kiran Kumar Paluri

The camp was inaugurated by the esteemed Indian School Chairman, Sri G.V.S. Somaraj Garu, who graced the opening ceremony and encouraged the young chess enthusiasts.

*Camp Highlights:*
Participants were divided into three sections based on their skill levels: Sub-Junior Beginners, Junior Beginners, and Intermediate. The camp offered a comprehensive curriculum, including:

– Detailed information about the chessboard, files, ranks, and diagonals.
– Understanding the outlines of the chessboard, including the center, baseline, inner baseline, semi-baseline, and outer baseline.
– In-depth lessons on chess puzzles, three popular openings, opening principles, middle game principles, and endgame principles.
– Emphasis on the advantages of chess, such as improving logical thinking, brain development, memory enhancement, and academic performance.
– Practical sessions on chess practice tactics, board reading, board analysis, and move calculations.

The camp concluded with a friendly tournament among the participants, showcasing their newly acquired skills and strategies. The competition was fierce, and all players demonstrated remarkable talent and sportsmanship.

*Certificate Ceremony:*
On May 31, 2024, a certificate ceremony was held, featuring Chief Guest Sri G.V.S. Somaraj Garu. In his inspiring speech, he highlighted the benefits of chess as the best indoor board game, emphasizing its role in enhancing logical thinking, brain development, memory, and academic performance. He encouraged all participants, distributed prizes to the winners, and motivated those who did not win to keep improving.

V King’s Chess Academy extends its heartfelt congratulations to all participants and looks forward to organizing more such enriching events in the future.